The District 110 Foundation is proud to support teachers within the district similar to how we support the students. All faculty within the district, from all schools and the early childhood program, are eligible to apply for funding. Click below for the application.

Mini Grants

Past grant recipients have received funds for books, curriculum guides, classroom materials, classroom furniture, and student resources. The simple application process includes completing the form below about what you intend to achieve, how the funds will be used, and how many students will be impacted by this grant.

After completing the downloaded application please email it to 

"Thanks so much for the books!!! They are arriving and the students are having a blast reading them - so many students have not seen many of them before..."

 - Teacher Recipient 

"The mini grant I received from the District 110 Foundation was used to purchase additional books for my high development classroom. It was immensely helpful for me to build out reading opportunities for my students beyond what anyone expected. Thank you!"

 - Teacher Recipient